Friday, February 11, 2011

RustysCustoms featured two more times on the front page of IMPERIALSHIPYARDS

Rusty introduces us to his Sith Army
-- Posted by Tamer on Saturday, February 5 2011

I am really liking his Darth Predator (pictured above), but there are a ton of new Sith in his customs thread that are worth clicking this link to take a peek at. I must say the more I see the more it is hard for me to believe he hasn't been customizing that long!

Rusty'scustoms gives us this Old Republic Nautolan Jedi
-- Posted by Clonehead on Friday, February 11 2011

Forum member Rusty'scustoms' thread has really been buzzing here lately with all of the great custom figures that he has posted. today, he put up pics of this mean looking Nautolan Jedi from the old republic era in his custom figures thread. Man Rusty, that guy has an attitude. I would hate to be a sith lord and meet up with him in a dark alley somewhere.

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