Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bionic Jedi and his Droid Rollie

Thousand of years ago, in the 7th battle Ruusan, a thought bomb was used by the forces of the sith in a bid to finish off the forces of the Army Of Light. Many republic forces and Jedi fell at the siths hands.
As the battle cleared and the debree settled the cold bodies of the war lay still, but not all. 2 days later a group of smugglers landed on the battle site and began to salvage what they could, making there way through the rubble they found a Jedi, severely deformed and injured, but alive. They couldn’t tell his species as the damage was to severe so they took him to there ship and had there medical droid, an out of date model work on the Jedi and use parts from there scrap piles to rebuild him.
His eye had been replaced by a bionic eye, his right arm from the forearm down replaced, his left hand, his spine also replaced. A modified bacta pack was placed on his back to sustain his serious injuries. He also had his whole left leg replaced and his knee joint on his right. Due to unavailable parts and scarcity of proper medical staff they were forced to use anything they could.
2 days later he returned to consciousness and had lost his memory, his name and heritage was lost in limbo. Until one day listening in on some smugglers conversation he heard them say he’d make a great Merc, meaning mercenary but the JedI misunderstood and thought they were saying his name, so he adopted the name Merc as his own.
The smugglers tried to make him work for them, as he still had a force connection and was still able to use his lightsaber with some amount of skill, but he managed to escape in the outer rim and began his journey. He travelled in search of answers of his life and his identity, along the way collecting spare parts for himself when he needed them, but loneliness struck in and he decided to build a companion. Many spare parts later he had constructed an unlikely friend who he named rollie. Together they would travel the outrim in search of answers, many stories emerged of a robotic man in the outer rim but over thousands and thousands of years many dismissed these as just stories. Though it became apparent that Merc was unable to die due to his body being mostly droid he was able to sustain life changing parts as they decomposed on his body.
But as the years went by, Merc slowly became nothing more then a droid, coming to be known in the stoires that circled the galaxy simply as “the Forgotten One”. What happened to Merc no one knows, many rumours say he found what he was looking for, many say he is now just a droid working for spacers, but some, some believe Merc still travels the outer rim, searching for the answers to his life with his friend rollie wandering the outerim in a bid to gain his sanity and became complete.

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