Friday, February 11, 2011

Darth Karrith

This is fanmade Dark Lord of The Sith Darth Darth Karrith, born Veradun, on the Sith capital world of Dromund Kaas. Malgus was a fierce warrior on the battlefield, and frequently called for changes to the Sith Empire's policies. He was an avid learner and scholar of the sith arts and was seen by many as one of the most powerful warriors of the Sith Empire.

Though a fierce fighter, he stood out as an oddity among the Sith of his day, often recruiting his forces from alien species from all over the galaxy, he would make squads of warriors whos skills would compensate each others and form some of the strongest most formidable squads in the galaxy. He was also responsible for deaths of two fellow sith lords, personally killing them for retreating on the republic world of Dantooine in a battle, they were leading armies but there forces were pushed back by the jedi armies, furious Karrith the leader of the Dantooine invasion killed his sith generals and lead a succseful attack of his own not following there losses and proving once againhe was one of the best. Karrith utilised a specially customized saber and a saber whip and was one of the most skilled users of both at a very young age. In this battle though he recieved extensive damage to his throat and was forced to wear a breathing mask at all times after a chemcial plant exploded in there attack and he breathed in copious amounts of the harmful gas, many soldiers died sith and republic forces alike but because of his force connection and strength Karrith survived.

Karrith was blind in one eye after his master wounded him when he was younger in a training drill when Karrith didnt pass, his Master took it as an insult to himself and forced other masters to hold his apprentice down while he touched the tip of his lightsaber to his eye, After Karrith went to the medic to get a bionic eye but the medical staffed were already told by his Master that he would have to learn to live with one eye and that he was not able to recieve one, and in an even bigger insult Karriths Master had below and above his eye tattooed with his own families crest so that everyone would know it was his master who did this, furious Karrith vowed revenge. Karrith took this revenge 6 years later after he passed his final trials and was given the Darth title murdereing his old Master in his sleep in a very well thought out plan which saw another student Karrith had long had bad blood wblamed for the murder. For many years they had been rivals in the sith academy and on many occasions had resorted to violent conflict and brandished there weapons. His name was Lord Draki and by decree of the High Masters he was sent to a secret location to live out the rest his life in isolation. But the biggest insult to Draki was not recieving the Darth title when Karrith did in there final trials. Instead he was given the title Lord, which many saw as a privellage but he only saw it as an insult. Karrith took both there sabers and kept them on him at all times as a reminder to him, that with time, thought and power came sucess.

Darth Karrith was thought to be killed 1 year after the assault on corrasant lead by Darth Malgus on Alderan by a group of resistance fighters though rumours that he survived spread throughtout the galaxy.

(Karriths Whip)

(his custom saber)

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