Friday, February 11, 2011

Army Of Light Jedi Master Natoola Hope (fanmade)

"An Army of Light to face the Brotherhood of Darkness."


During the New Sith Wars, the Army of Light was the name given to the military force that Lord Hoth led against the Sith Lord Kaan and his Brotherhood of Darkness. The army consisted of both Jedi and regular troops serving the Republic.

The Army of Light was an ad-hoc military forced hastily assembled and provisioned to combat the sudden change of fortunes of the Brotherhood at a time the Republic had thought the Sith defeated. As the war ground on, Hoth's forces grew even thinner, and he was forced to recruit Force-sensitive children to bolster his forces. He was reluctant to do so but his aide, Pernicar, advised him that if he didn't send the children against Kaan, Kaan would send them against the Jedi.

The Army of Light was greatly weakened by its clashes with the Sith Brotherhood on Ruusan, and by the time of the seventh Battle of Ruusan, they were merely the bedraggled remnants of the army they once were (the youth Tomcat labeled them the "Army of Mud").
One unit of the Army of Light was the Third Legion of Light, commanded by Jedi General New'arforrth. The army was severely weakened by a thought bomb used by Kaan during the seventh battle of Ruusan.

Natoola Hope was one of the jedi killed by the thought bomb in the seventh battle of Ruusan. But in his time he had lead many succesful campaings against the sith and even before his death he personally killed 3 sith warriors in a saber battle before the thought bomb went off. An avid warrior and cunning leader he was well respected by his men and jedi peers, he was a friend to many, adopting a kind approach to his men, often making them feel good by his kind words invoking courage to his men. He lead from the front lines, and was to said to be the first to enter the battle, and last to leave it. One recount even says that he was forced to call a retreat in a battle but did not leave until almost the very last man has made his retreat, proving his bravness and the amount of which he held the life of his men.

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