Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Clone Commando 'Mace'

"Think of yourselves as a hand. Each of you is a finger, and without the others you're useless. Alone, a finger can't grasp, or control, or form a fist. You are nothing on your own, and everything together."
―Kal Skirata
A clone commando, or Republic commando, was an elite soldier of the Grand Army of the Republic. Often working in groups of four, clone commandos were assigned to carry out covert operations too delicate for regular clone troopers. Covert infiltration, sabotage, demolition, and assassination were standard tasks for the clone commandos. When Order 66 was issued by Emperor Palpatine at the end of the Clone Wars, one commando unit, Ion Team, refused to fire on their commanding Jedi, Roan Shryne, for various reasons, and several other commandos deserted, thus showing that at least some commandos were independent.

Mace, was part of the four man squad "Claw Team" primarily used for assasinations and espionage. But unlike other squads these four were different, not cloned from Jango Fett, but from various other humans from the galaxy. This particular Comando was a clone of none other then the unlikely doner Jedi Master Mace Windu. though his D&A had been taken without his knowledge.

Several months after Geonosis, Mace Windu was contacted by his old friend Sora Bulq, who was leading a group of renegade Jedi who protested Jedi involvement in the Clone Wars. In response to Bulq's message, Windu traveled to Bulq's estate on Ruul to meet with them. Unfortunately, just after he arrived, Bulq was ambushed by the Dooku-trained assassin Asajj Ventress, resulting in the death of his Padawan. When the other Jedi, including Windu, involved themselves, Ventress claimed she had been sent by Windu himself, confusing the other Jedi.
While the other Jedi busied themselves, Windu began investigating Ventress' presence, unknowingly followed by the Jedi Rhad Tarn. During his investigations, he found Ventress' ship, and realized that Bulq must have allowed her on the planet, since no one could land on Ruul without Bulq being aware of it. Rushing off to confront Bulq, Windu found him in his estate mourning over the body of his Padawan. When Windu accused Bulq of turning to the Dark Side and joining the Confederacy, Bulq didn't deny it. Bulq went further and revealed that the only reason that he brought Windu here for was to exploit his hardliner reputation and discredit him, using the other Jedi as witnesses, as they were unaware of his plans.
Mace Windu versus Sora Bulq.

Bulq then drew his lightsaber and shoto and announced his intention to now kill Windu and return to the others alone, claiming Windu betrayed them. Windu drew his own blade and the battle was on. However, as the two engaged one another in a furious duel, Mace Windu sensed that the other Jedi were in danger and swiftly ended the fight by bringing down a pile of boulders upon Bulq. Rushing to Ventress' ship, he found Rhad Tarn dead and the other Jedi who had followed Tarn engaging the Dark Jedi assassin. After involving himself in the lightsaber duel with the assassin, he managed to drive off Ventress.

Though it came with a price and Windu was injured leaving a trail of blood, Bulq collected and gave this to Dooku who ordered the Kaminoians to try the new rapid clone process. Windu's clone was one of four known surviving subjects of the process. Commando 'MACE' was slotted in with three subjects all cloned from others who had used other blood not of Jango. Two were from legendary Mandalorian General Cratin Tiberius dubbed 'TIB' and 'CRAT' and the fourth was squad leader "DRED" cloned from an unknown spacer from the ghost nebula who was only known to Dooku as Dred.

Together they were among the most succesful and prolific Commando squads of there time, though they were never permitted to remove there helmets as to give away there secret, only among Dooku, and between themselves was it permitted. Another difference of this squad was there shouled markings, each different and not that of there brothers, it was a mark of there heritage, or at least that of there doners. They were forced to cover it by the Kaminoians but were told not to tell Dooku and oneday these markings would make sense to them.

There squad was one of the squads present at the building when Mace Windu was killed, and for some uncanny reason which no one can or could explain Commando 'MACE' felt a disturbance in the force, it was at this moment he realised he had force abilities somehow passed through the cloning process. He rushed out of the building with the CLAW squad following and was drawn to a location. there he found the decemated scolding body of Mace Windu. He began to feel something he never had before and shed a tear, his commrades understood once they saw there faces, they all understood this was his "brother".

CLAW squad left there duties, under urgence from MACE, and they began a massive mission of there own to track down the reamining two subjects of which TIB, CRAT and DRED were cloned from. they never returned to there duties and made there way to the corrasant space port and headed for Mandalor. But they were followed by someone who knew there secret.


So thats Clone Commando MACE.