Friday, December 10, 2010

Roan Fel's Empire

"If we're destroyed—if we all die—the concepts and ideals of the New Order will die with us. But if we surrender, we can keep those ideals alive. Then, if and when the New Republic self destructs, we'll be positioned to rise again."

―Gilad Pellaeon
The Fel Empire, also called the Empire or the New Order with a Personal Face, was the government that formed out of what remained of the Imperial Remnant some time after 43 ABY, to reflect the partial recovery of the Galactic Empire's former power and prestige, and also the restoration of the Imperial monarchy by the Fel dynasty after decades of interregnum.
The revived regime became the dominant power in the galaxy once again by the conclusion of the Sith–Imperial War of 127–130 ABY, only to be replaced with a Sith Empire a few days later, forcing those loyal to Fel into exile.

In this post i will feature 3 customs i have made including Roan Fel, Eshkar Niin and my own custom imperial Knight.

Roan Fel

"I am the Empire."

―Roan Fel
Roan Fel was the third
Emperor of the Fel dynasty to rule the Fel Empire, and later the first ruler of the new Empire. Roan was the grandson of Jagged Fel, the head of the Moff Council following the Second Galactic Civil War. He was also an Imperial Knight, part of a Force-sensitive organization that rejected the dark side.

This is my roan fel custom, its not exactly like the picture but ive seen a few customs of him and they are all basically the same so i decided to go a little different for my own so it snot like anyone elses, and i imagine Fel didnt wear the same clothes everyday. so here he is.

Eshkar Niin

"Niin is who I was—Darth Havok is who I am."

―Darth Havok
Eshkar Niin was a male Iktotchi and a member of the Imperial Knights, a Force-using Order loyal to Emperor Roan Fel of the Galactic Empire. Niin became a Master within the Order and the instructor of Antares Draco, to whom he taught strategy and philosophy while training the Human in the ways of the Force. Niin later abandoned his vows as an Imperial Knight and deserted the Order, killing Fel's wife as he fled. This prompted Draco to hunt him down. Draco believed Niin dead after the ensuing confrontation, but the Iktotchi survived and joined Darth Krayt's Sith Order, becoming the Sith Inquisitor Darth Havok.

I like the idea behind Eshkar Niin as he wasnt just another humen in the empire, he was an Iktochi and a high ranking one at that, i tried to make this custom not just look like the other imperial knight figures (eg: krieg or draco) and wanted him to take on more of a leader general look as is his status. so i added a few little features to give this guy a sense of power rather then just another knight. so here is Niin.

Imperial Knight Rima

"We are Imperial Knights. We do our duty by the Emperor and by the Force—no matter the cost."

―Sigel Dare
The Imperial Knights, formally the Knights of the Empire, were an order of Force-practitioners loyal to the Emperor of the Fel Empire. They were fully trained in the ways of the Force and rejected the dark side of the Force, unlike previous Imperial Force-based organizations. Though they did not draw on the dark side, they did not strictly follow the light side either, and were viewed as Gray by the Jedi Order.

Now Rima one of my favourite customs. I wanted to make a knight who wasnt just in normal armour and all clean and shiny, with him i wanted it to look like this guy had been on the front lines fighting in the wars and was a hardcore knight. i was going to make him older but i thought this guy could be a prodigy who had rose through the ranks and become a fast known and reliable warrior in the ranks of the empire. so here is my imperial knight Rima.

Imperial Knights

So there you have it, my Roan Fel Empire.

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