Friday, December 17, 2010

My entry for the Yakface arena competition Toorn Vos

So here is my entry for the geonosis arena competition. And
with any original custom I make I thought this guy needed a back story
that all you readers would enjoy. So I came up with this guy, (I would
like to mention this character is purley fictional and doesn't exist
and his name, backstory and design are of my own ideas) a Kiffu
gaurdian Toorn Vos older brother of Qiunlan Vos and leader of the
Kiffu Gaurdians. Toorn was a fearsome warrior on his homeworld and
said to have been as force senstive as younger brother Quinlan though
he was never taken by the order as he was to old when his abilities
were discovered. When the gaurdians fought off an invasion attempt by
the federation under the lead of Toorn Count Dooku became increasingly
intriuged with the Kiffu. He travelled secretely with his Dark acolyte
Tol Skorr to Kiffu and asked to see Toorn, posing as Jedi the kiffu
gaurds allowed there passage to Toorns Quaters but upon arrival they
killed the gaurds and stormed his room, Vos had sensed them and was
already waiting weapon at the ready, utilizing a specially crafted
cotortis blade passed generation to generation. Skorr attacked and to
dooku's surprise was quickly bested and subdued by Vos. Vos proceeded
to attack dooku but was no match and was rendered unconcious by a
blast of force lighting. After the encounter Dookus faith in Skorr as
a capable acolyte was shaken and he saw potential in Vos as an
acolyte. Upon awakening he found himself in a dark room, a door
infront of him began to open and as he stepped out into a massive
arena loud ominous taunts filled the air. He looked across the arena
to see 5 warriors armed and ready, lead by a large nikto warrior they
began to run at Vos, he reached to his side and to his dismay had an
empty blaster holster, reaching for his blade he prepared, fighting
furiously he vexed opponent after opponent first killing the Nikto
with a quick and precise slice of the throat, fending them off as they
attacked without hesitation, but after only minutes he had emerged
victorious over the five combatants. He walked over to the Niktos
bleeding body the crowd roared for him screaming "gaurdian, gaurdian"
he picked up the niktos weapon and placed it into a strap down his
back and raised his fist in the air, cheers echoed. After the fight
he was met by dooku who gave him a box, Vos opened it to find one of
Dookus lightsabers in it, Dooku said to Vos "prove yourself, and you
will have your freedom", he then asked Vos why he took the Nikto's
weapon, Vos replied simply " my first kill will never be forgotten,
this weapon is a symbol to all I face, there is only death for them
and I will show no mercy". Many weeks in the arena saw Vos undefeated
though it had come with a price, Vos had fallen to the dark ways of
the force calling on anger and fear to fight. 1 long month went by and
Vos remained the gladiator champion, but another had began to earn a
name for himself, Vos was furious that another was earning a name in
his arena and earged dooku to set up the match, the young man he was
non other then QuinLan Vos Toorns brother in disguise. After hearing
of an invincible Kiffu gaurdian on the planet of geonosis he felt it
was Toorn and knew only toorn was capable of being that powerful. They
were to be in the same fight though Toorn knew not of the deception
nor did Dooku, but seeingy himself as virtually unbeatable he was now
a force to fear in the arena. The battle began and many enemies
circled Toorn now with large wages on his head to be killed many tried
but all failed, now using Dookus saber he cut down enemy after enemy
until there were only two. His glance firm across the arena at the
assailant, they began to run at each other and at the last second
Quinlan pulled out his saber and blocked Toorns attack, Seeing his
face under the hood Toorn was shocked. They stopped where toorn
expressed his remorse for his ways and dealings with the dark side but
Quinlan spoke these words " You are not dark my brother, simply deeper
in the shadows, and I will be your light in these times" Dooku looked
on but before another move was made they were on the run out of one of
the arena doors, making there way through the elaberate tunnels they
made there way to Vos's ship and made an escape. They travelled to
Kiffu where Toorn took back his place as general and left behind his
arena days and his legacey and readied for the day the gaurdians would
take up arms and he would once again defend his people.

 -The End-

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