Friday, December 10, 2010

Eison Gynt

"Eison Gynt was a fourth generation Jedi, widely considered to be the most promising Padawan in the Order."

Eison Gynt was a Nautolan male Jedi Knight of the Old Republic, born to a family line of Jedi. In the years of his youth, he was considered the most talented Padawan in the Jedi Order, and was taken as an apprentice by Master Barel Ovair, a secret spy for the Sith Empire. During a mission to Yavin 4 to explore the tomb of the Sith Lord Naga Sadow, Ovair abandoned Gynt. Ovair reported Gynt's death to the Senate on Coruscant, but Gynt was actually still alive, possessed by the spirit of Sadow. Under Sadow's control, Gynt resurfaced on Coruscant several years later and was slain by Ovair in open combat. Ovair's Imperial allegiance and complicity in Gynt's death were not revealed until years later, when Jedi historian Gnost-Dural researched the events of the mission to Yavin 4 and Gynt's reappearance.

Eison gynts story is pretty cool, and out of it emerges a really cool character, for this custom i wanted to capture the look after he had been possesed and gone on a rampage back to kill his former master. so here he is.

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