Thursday, December 9, 2010

Falleen Jedi Knight Xraa Nakai And Twilek Padawan Liak Telonn (fanmade)

Falleen Master and his Twilek Apprentice.
These to were survivors or order 66 and made there way into hiding in the outer rim, forced to flee the jedi temple on corrasant when the 501st stormed it with the newly appointed sith lord Darth Vader, together they made a daring escape with fellow padawan JinLo Rayce and together they made for the outer rim. no one knows whether they are still alive, but sightings fitting there descriptions have been made many times.

These guys have to be some of my favourite customs ive made, but the falleen was a total pain to make, hopefully you guys like him especially because it was no easy task pulling this guy off. so here is my Falleen knight and his Twilek padawan

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