Monday, December 13, 2010

Padawan Survivor JIN-LO RAYCE

"I must see what my own Padawan, Jin-Lo Rayce, is doing. Lost in the archives or exploring the secret passageways, no doubt."

―Jocasta Nu
Jin-Lo Rayce was a Human male Jedi Padawan apprenticed to the Jedi librarian Jocasta Nu during the Clone Wars. At the conclusion of the war and the beginning of the Great Jedi Purge, Rayce escaped the attack on the Jedi Temple led by the Dark Lord Darth Vader. Rayce then evaded the new Galactic Empire's forces on Coruscant for a few months and eventually stowed away on a transport headed for the planet Chandrila, where he lived for a time. He then traveled to various planets in the Core, the Inner Rim, and the Mid Rim, in search of surviving Jedi. After concluding that the Jedi were gone, Rayce traveled back to worlds where various Force-sensitives he had met lived and began establishing cells of Force adepts. Rayce styled his group the Agents of Ossus, in memory of the Jedi library planet Ossus, which had been destroyed during the Great Sith War millennia before.

Injured and alone Jin-Lo made an escape from operation knightfall, a brave young padawan i really wanted to make my own custom of him. I wanted him to look as though he had been injured escaping. when i get a chance i will eventually look at making a Now and Then custom of him, and making a custom of what might have looked like in a few years. here he is.

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