Monday, January 31, 2011

Jedi Master Sev Repaint

Not to long ago, i posted up a Jedi Master Sev i put together, but it continously bugged me and i didnt like something about, so i took it off the shelf and had a go at making it closer in colours and look a bit better. so here is my newly painted Master Sev.

(original Sev i posted.)

Let me know if you think this is an improvment, i think it has to be considering i basically just stuck the head on an Obi-wan body before and copped out on the paint job.


  1. Yeh thanks man, I hated that figure up until yesterday, almost ripped it apart for spare parts before I decided to have a crack at this paint job.

    Wbu working on anything special atm?

  2. Hey, yep i just finished my RANCOR SLAYER!

  3. HAHA dude thats epic, make me 6! lol