Saturday, January 1, 2011

Darth Desolous

"A thousand Jedi died cursing Darth Desolous. Now, you too shall scream my name!"
―Darth Desolous

Darth Desolous was a male Pau'an Dark Lord of the Sith. Before falling to the dark side of the Force, he was a revered Jedi Master whose name had long been forgotten. Desolous was born nearly 3,500 years before the Clone Wars. His lust for battle led him to the dark side and in search of Sith teachings. He was expelled from the Jedi Order, took on the Sith name Darth Desolous and vowed to have his revenge. After returning to his homeworld of Utapau, Desolous began training an army of Pau'ans in his own style, using cortosis alloy shields and melee weapons. He eventually rallied his army against the Jedi, ambushing Jedi Knights across the galaxy, and leading to the slaughter of nearly two thousand Jedi. With each victory, he grew more reckless and bold, his hatred against the Jedi eclipsing all his other emotions. He was lured into a trap at Yaga Minor, his army engaging a small force of Jedi Knights. A large Jedi fleet emerged from hyperspace, preventing his retreat, and, outnumbered and outmatched, Desolous' army was destroyed and the Sith himself killed by, as he claimed, the entire Jedi Council.


After seeing a few customs of Desolous i really wanted one in my own collection, basically the same as most out there with a few of my own little touches. so here he is, badd as sith lord desolous.

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